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Busi1Intelligent Transportation Systems Company is a private firm in Iran,registered under No.15826 Our Institute, the leader of ITS activities in Iran, was established in 2002 but the key managers have started their Activities in ITS field since 1990 as the first directors of Tehran Traffic Control Company which is a subsidiary of Municipality of Tehran (www.TehranTraffic.com) Our Managing Director has 12 years of experience as the Managing Director of Tehran

Traffic Control Company since establishment (1990 -2002 :Many projects were accomplished at the mentioned period some of which are as follows






Establishment of Tehran Traffic Control Center building which is Under operation from 1996


Traffic CCTV surveillance project with 120 cameras installed all over the city of Tehran using fiber optic technology and deemed to be expanded to 300 cameras


Changing control system of traffic lights in more than 150 intersections (until 2002) from fixed time to Actuated/Isolated system and also connected to an Adaptive and Centralized control system using SCATS adaptive coordinated system which is under operation now and has expanded to more than 250 junctions (up to now)


Development of Information dissemination systems using 12 Variable message boards(until 2002), Traffic Radio and public telephone lines, announcing congestion information and introducing alternative routes to the drivers

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